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Diabetes Health and Wellness Program at Memorial Hospital in Carthage, Illinois, Earns Recognition from the American Diabetes Association®

Diabetes Health and Wellness Program at Memorial Hospital in Carthage, Illinois, Earns Recognition from the American Diabetes Association®


Diabetes Health and Wellness Program at Memorial Hospital in Carthage, Illinois, Earns Recognition from the American Diabetes Association®

  Education Recognition Program (ERP) certification ensures quality diabetes education and support for people living with diabetes


Carthage, IL. July 6, 2022 – The American Diabetes Association (ADA), the nation’s leading organization committed to fighting diabetes by driving discovery through research and innovation, intensifying the urgency around the diabetes epidemic, and supporting people living with and affected by diabetes today announced the recognition of Diabetes Health and Wellness Program at Memorial Hospital in Carthage, Illinois through the Education Recognition Program (ERP). 


The ADA’s Education Recognition Certificate assures that educational services meet the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES). The DSMES Standards were developed and tested under the auspices of the National Diabetes Advisory Board in 1983 and were revised by the diabetes community in 1994, 2000, 2007, 2012, and 2017. The ERP promotes quality Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) for people with diabetes by certifying that services adhere to the National Standards for DSMES. Services certified by the ADA’s ERP program offer a staff of knowledgeable health professionals who can provide participants with comprehensive information about diabetes management. Services apply for recognition voluntarily, and ADA-ERP recognition lasts for four years.


“Daily self-management skills are absolutely essential for people to effectively navigate the 24/7 challenges of living with diabetes, helping to keep them healthy and prevent or delay the serious complications of diabetes,” said Linda Cann, MSEd, the ADA’s senior vice president of professional services. “We applaud the Diabetes Health and Wellness Program at Memorial Hospital in Carthage, Illinois, for its commitment to providing high-quality, evidence-based education and support for people with diabetes by meeting the National Standards for DSME/S and earning the ADA’s ERP recognition.”  


Ashlyn Housewright, Executive Director of the Community Health and Wellness Program at Memorial Hospital in Carthage, Illinois, says, “We look forward to our accredited program’s impact on our patients and community in the next four years. There are great things to come for diabetes prevention and management for our communities.” 

Hancock County Historical Society presents program on MOUSETRAPS by Tim Evans

July 16, 2022 The quarterly meeting will be held at the former Carthage Senior Citizens building at 301 Main Street starting at 7 PM. The program for the evening will be on a wonderful display of mousetraps. The late Evan E. Evans collected traps for over 25 years. His son, Tim Evans, now has the collection and has presented displays and educational series of the traps. Tim is also the brother of former Judge Steve Evans of Hancock County. Tim says he inherited the "collecting” gene from his father. He collects everything from antique advertising and typewriters to early radios and stringed  

"Now a multimillion dollar industry, the mousetrap business has provided jobs for thousands of Americans. Many of those workers were employed by large manufacturers such as "Victor" and “McGill.” Others worked in small plants, sometimes garages and basements.” 

the latest gadgets coming out of Silicon Valley today. 

The age-old battle between man and mouse has created an unending search to find an effective tool to easily kill mice, which for centuries have threatened food supplies and spread disease. Yankee author and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, is often credited with the idiom: "If you build a better mousetrap the world will be a path to your door." It is about more than mousetraps though. Emerson cast the mousetrap as representing the American spirit of invention and the quest for the next new great idea, 

Many have taken that challenge to heart. More than 4,400 parents have been awarded for mousetraps since 1838. That is more than any other household object. And every year about 400 new patent applications are filed by inventors hoping they've finally built a better mousetrap." 

My connection to mousetraps comes through my father, the late Evan E. Evans. He was a collector of just about everything, as well as a student of history and a storyteller who never let facts get in the way of a good yarn. We became interested in the subject of mousetraps after discovering an unusual trap that resembled a miniature mouse jail while we were remodeling an old home in LeRoy, Illinois, back in the 1960s. Before that, the only type of mousetrap I knew of was the 

ubiquitous rectangular snap trap. And you might be interested to know it has a tie to Knox County in western Illinois," 

“Others were miniature guillotines. Still, others choked or squeezed their targets. Many were so complicated that they bordered on the absurdity of a classic Rube Goldberg cartoon contraption. 

My father amassed more than 1,000 traps over about 25 years of collecting. He often spoke to groups, from school children to senior citizens, about his various traps and how they fit into American history. He became so well known for his role as the “Mousetrap Man” that even the United States postal service e was aware of his collection and delivered a letter to him that was addressed: 'The man with a large selection of mousetraps, LeRoy, IL."" 

“Possibly the first patent for the common spring-loaded snap trap was awarded in 1894 to William C. Hooker of Abington, who received U.S. patent 528671. Hooker's simple-yet-effective design remains the most common and popular trap style more than 125 years later. 

That doesn't mean others didn't try to best his design. Many offered versions that were simply variations on the snap trap, but others were altogether different, Some drowned: their prey. Some electrocuted mice. Some kept them alive.” 


"When my father died in 1993, the collection came into my possession (my older and more distinguished brothers were not as interested in housing 1,000 mousetraps). I have tried to carry on his legacy as "Son of Mousetrap Man”. Our trap collection has been featured in two books, in a display of 'Indiana oddities' at the Indiana State Fair and on PBS (Public Broadcasting Station) and several Indianapolis televisions. It was even featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Cartoon." 

COME, Bring friends and enjoy a great show. You will want to have bites for refreshments and enjoy tales of the famous and historic mousetraps!!!!! Admission is free to this event.



Carl Sandburg College Trustees Adopt Budget for FY2023

GALESBURG — The Carl Sandburg College Board of Trustees adopted the institution’s budget for fiscal year 2023 during its regular monthly meeting June 27 on the Main Campus in Galesburg.


The new budget includes revenues and transfers of $30.4 million — up from $28 million for FY22 — and expenditures of $29.5 million net of building construction costs. That figure is up from $27.9 million for FY22. The budget includes $6.8 million in the College’s Building Bonds Fund to go toward the upcoming construction of the new Science and Technology Center and other campus construction projects. The College’s 2023 fiscal year began July 1.


“Overall, the College remains financially healthy with revenues projected over expenses for the next five years,” Vice President of Administrative Services and CFO Cory Gall said.


Trustees also accepted the funds of two external grants. The College received $221,477 in federal Perkins funding that will be used to support Sandburg’s career and technical education areas in work-based learning; career exploration, development and guidance; special populations students; early college credit; enhanced curriculum and instruction; recruitment, retention and professional development; and the development of programs of study.


Additionally, the Board accepted a $6,000 adult literacy grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation to provide adult learners with beginning- and intermediate-level English Language Acquisition courses. Funds will be used to support the online course format, purchase instructional supplies and reduce the course cost for students.


A bid of $56,985 from Detroit Machine Tools was approved for the purchase of five MI-1440 lathes, five MI-329 stands, five MI-409 stands and five MI-409MZ mills to replace the lathes and mills used in the industrial maintenance, welding and CNC programs.


“Acquiring these new machines in addition to securing this Perkins funding will go a long way toward helping our students gain the skills and instruction they need to be successful at Sandburg and be prepared to enter the workforce once they graduate,” said Ellen Burns, dean of career and technical education. “Equipping our students with quality equipment and materials better serves them and the needs of our district.”


Trustees authorized the approval of amendments to the College’s professional services agreement with River City Construction for preconstruction fees related to projects for humidity remediation in the Fitness Center, the relocation of the automotive technology program and the construction of the Science and Technology Center.


The Board also approved the interest transfers of $251,000 from the College’s Strategic Technology Endowment Fund (STEF) and $58,500 from the Sandburg Initiates LifeChanging Opportunities (SILO) Fund as well as no more than $138,300 from the Working Cash Fund Interest into the FY23 budget.


The Board approved the addition of no more than $137,700 in Operations and Maintenance funds to complete a Capital Development Board project for HVAC updates to Building G and Building B on the Main Campus. The project is scheduled to be completed this fall.


In other business, the Board approved the following:

  • Employment of Kennedy Jackson as Upward Bound Project advisor, effective Aug. 1.
  • Employment of Kathryn Meeker as coordinator of recruitment and events, effective July 1.
  • Appointment of Cory Gall as vice president of administrative services, effective July 1.
  • Appointment of Autumn Scott as associate vice president of academic and student planning, effective July 1.
  • Appointment of Robert Stevens as chief information officer, effective July 1.
  • Appointment of Steve Norton as Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) officer, effective July 1.
  • Resignation/retirement of Kipton Canfield as director of public safety, effective June 10.
  • Resignation of Troy Chansler as grounds assistant, effective June 10.


The Board’s next scheduled meeting is 7 p.m. July 28 on the Main Campus in Galesburg.

Primary Election Illinois 2022 results

U.S. Senate Republican Primary
> Kathy Salvi R 208,283 30%
  Peggy Hubbard R 170,343 25%
  Matt Dubiel R 87,590 13%
  Casey Chlebek R 73,002 11%
  Bobby Piton R 63,441 9%
  Anthony Williams R 50,737 7%
  Jimmy Lee Tillman R 35,039 5%
Governor Democratic Primary
> JB Pritzker D 731,794 92%
  Beverly Miles D 65,596 8%
Governor Republican Primary
> Darren Bailey R 442,006 57%
  Jesse Sullivan R 121,039 16%
  Richard Irvin R 115,170 15%
  Gary Rabine R 51,038 7%
  Paul Schimpf R 32,936 4%
  Max Solomon R 7,069 1%
Attorney General Republican Primary
  Thomas DeVore R 306,620 44%
  Steve Kim R 238,909 35%
  David Shestokas R 146,225 21%
Secretary of State Democratic Primary
> Alexi Giannoulias D 413,802 53%
  Anna Valencia D 269,601 34%
  David Moore D 69,713 9%
  Sidney Moore D 30,833 4%
Secretary of State Republican Primary
> Dan Brady R 532,576 76%
  John Milhiser R 163,973 24%
U.S. House District 15 Republican Primary
> Mary Miller R 63,958 57%
  Rodney Davis R 47,800 43%
U.S. House District 17 Democratic Primary
> Eric Sorensen D 14,418 38%
  Litesa Wallace D 8,899 23%
  Jonathan Logemann D 5,530 14%
  Angie Normoyle D 4,724 12%
  Marsha Williams D 2,672 7%
  Jacqueline McGowan D 1,985 5%
U.S. House District 17 Republican Primary
> Esther Joy King R 30,749 69%
  Charles Helmick R 14,017 31%
State Senate District 36 Republican Primary
> Mike Thoms R 7,805 68%
  Glen Evans R 3,709 32%
State House District 71 Republican Primary
> Dan Swanson R 5,425 67%
  Matthew Rauschert R 2,714 33%
Adams County Board District 3 Republican Primary - Elect 3
> Mark Dietrich 661 20%
> David Bellis 624 19%
> Marvin Kerkhoff 597 18%
  James Fisher Jr. 596 18%
  Raquel Sparrow 491 15%
  Rodney Hermsmeier 368 11%
Adams County Board District 4 Republican Primary - Elect 3
> Kent Snider 1,221 33%
> Steve McQueen 1,004 27%
> Travis Cooley 800 22%
  Deborah Kennedy 674 18%
Adams County Board District 6 Republican Primary - Elect 3
> David McCleary 1,484 30%
> Bradley Poulter 1,275 26%
> Les Post 1,269 26%
  Brandon Riley 862 18%
Adams County Board District 7 Republican Primary - Elect 3
> Theresa Bockhold 1,207 26%
> Joe Zanger 1,202 26%
> Brent Fischer 1,007 22%
  David Hoskins 778 17%
  Jeremy Allen 414 9%
Brown County Board Republican Primary - Elect 7
> Robert Willis 573 12%
> Michael Yingling 571 12%
> David Ferrill 565 12%
> Jed Parn 562 12%
> Mark Yingling 541 11%
> Jess Bond 444 9%
> Robert Pherigo 442 9%
  Courtney Garfield 433 9%
  David Kurfman 337 7%
  Jessica Kozak 317 7%
Hancock County Sheriff Republican Primary
> Travis Duffy 2,334 66%
  Mike Boley 1,216 34%
Hancock County Board District 2 Republican Primary - Elect 3
> Dennis Castlebury 486 30%
> Alex Blythe 424 26%
> Harry Douglass 395 24%
  Pat Cramer 338 21%
Hancock County Board District 3 Republican Primary - Elect 3
> Ryan Weeks 462 31%
> Steven Lucie 442 29%
> Thomas Rodgers 322 21%
  Deborah Whitaker 285 19%
Pike County Board Republican Primary
> Andrew Borrowman 1,542 12%
> Mark Mountain 1,496 11%
> Mark Sprague 1,417 11%
> James Sheppard 1,385 10%
> John Birch 1,348 10%
> Reta Hoskin 1,286 10%
> Thomas Lewis 1,270 10%
> Donald Foster 1,223 9%
> Derek Ross 1,171 9%
  Joseph Cobb 1,137 9%
Schuyler County Sheriff Republican Primary
> Bill Redshaw 815 56%
  Bill Thompson 643 44%
Schuyler County Board Republican Primary - Elect 7
> Rick Wright 1,021 15%
> Morris McClelland 961 14%
> Chet Esther 947 14%
> Tim Kettering 932 13%
> Chris Billingsley 854 12%
> Alison Armstrong 651 9%
> Stuart Korsmeyer 648 9%
  Mark Lipcaman 614 9%
  Donald Malone 346 5%
Schuyler County Public Safety Tax (1% sales tax for EMS)
> Yes YES 1,011 60%
  No NO 681 40%

Sandburg Donates Training System to Galesburg Police Dept.

Sandburg Donates Training System to Galesburg Police Dept.


GALESBURG — Carl Sandburg College recently donated a Firearm Training Simulator (FATS) system to the Galesburg Police Department to use for officer training and development.


Sandburg had previously acquired the FATS system but did not have a long-term need for it after receiving a $100,000 Innovative Bridge and Transitions grant earlier this year from the Illinois Community College Board that led to the purchase of a state-of-the-art Apex Officer Pro Training Simulator system.


Dr. Christopher Barber, coordinator of Sandburg’s criminal justice program, offered to donate the FATS system free of charge to the Galesburg Police Department so that its officers would have the opportunity to use the virtual reality training device.


“For years, the GPD has been a great supporter of our program, our students and our alumni,” Barber said. “After we received our new simulator, we had less of a need to keep the FATS system for our program. It seemed like the right and easy decision to offer it to the GPD to assist its officers in their training while saving money for the city.”



                                      JULY 1st

Legacy Boat Cruise

4:30 PM: Greetings to French Heritage Days attendees. Riverboat Cruise from the end of Parley street (site of the Latter-Day Saints Exodus) 45 Minute Cruise - $16

Wine and Juice Tastings

5:30 PM: Greetings to French Heritage Days attendees. A car will be needed to get to The Press House Winery. Wine and grape juice tastings. Cost per tasting. Tips accepted.
Music by Secondhand Bliss.
BBQ provided by Big Guys BBQ FM

                                  JULY 2nd


Introduction: The Inn at Old Nauvoo

8:30 AM: Introduction and playing of La Marseillaise, LIVE 9:00 AM: Opening Talk by Randy Soland, Private Practice Counselor, Historian and Nauvoo Native: “Who Were the French Icarians? Why Did They Come to Nauvoo? Why Did They Leave?” - FREE

Walking/Driving Tour of Icarian Properties

10:30-11:30 AM: Guided walking tour of downtown Icarian properties (Tour Guide: Randy Soland) and a visit to the Weld House Museum to view Icarian artifacts. - FREE

12:00-1:30 PM: A car will be needed to reach The Cambre House. Talk by Rebecca Williamson, President of the Nauvoo Historical Society, and tour of the French Cambre House - Box Lunch $15

2:00 - 5:00 PM: You're on your own. Check out the town's shops, The Nauvoo Fudge FactoryThe Flood Museum Gem and Rock Show, some of the historic homes and buildings on the flats, or take a nap at your hotel!

Cruisin' for the Kids

5:00 -5:30 PM: Check out some of the old cars at the 10th Annual Cruisin' for the Kids by the old grade school and site of the new Nauvoo Community Center.

Fireworks and Music

9:00 -10:00 PM: Fireworks! Go to the area west of the Nauvoo Temple to hear the Nauvoo Orchestra perform and to watch the fireworks display.

                                                              JULY 3rd

Leisurely Bike Ride

8:30 AM: Join us at Baxter's Vineyards and Winery to take a leisurely bike ride of Nauvoo with members of the Nauvoo Bike Club

Tour de Nauvoo Bike Race

12:00 PM: Participate in the Tour de Nauvoo - a 2-mile bike race. Prizes will be given for first, second, and third places - $20 Entrance Fee also gets you a lifetime membereship in the Nauvoo Bike Club, and a bottle of water for the race!

Wine and Juice Tasting - Tour and Music

1:00 - 5:00 PM: Join us at Baxter’s Vineyards and Winery for wine and grape juice tastings - cost per tasting. Tips will be accepted. Enjoy a winery talk and tour with music by Sami Scot, followed by announcements and dates for next year's festival!






Carl Sandburg College Announces 2022 Spring Semester Grads

GALESBURG — Carl Sandburg College has announced the names of students who have completed graduation requirements and graduated from the College at the end of the 2022 spring semester.





Galesburg — Emma Sells

Monmouth — Audelio Ayala Martinez, Nicole Bresnahan


Business Administration

Peoria — Nolan Browder


Criminal Justice

Maquon — Travis McLeese


Dental Hygiene

Beardstown — Lizzet Rodriguez

Bettendorf, Iowa — Hannah Brown, Kelsey Clarke, Ruchi Patel

Camanche, Iowa — Madison Sloane

Canton — Madison McDonald, Anna Reinmann

Davenport, Iowa — Erik Moon, Emily Wilhelm

Eldridge, Iowa — Jordanne Twigg

Fort Madison, Iowa — Carly Wehrle

Galesburg — Cynthia Dickson, Lauren Driscoll, Van Nhi Tran

Galva — Eden Juarez

Keokuk, Iowa — Olivia Dickens

Kewanee — Kasey Jones

Moline — Evan Guss-Bell

Monmouth — Teea Schoonover

Montrose, Iowa — Kennedy Mercer

Morris — Samantha Banuelos

Quincy — Dejia Hankins

Rock Island — Maria Castaneda

Silvis — Abbey Petty

Walnut — Jennifer Linley


Information Technology & Cyber Security

Petal, Miss. — Christian Stewart


Mortuary Science

Galesburg — Darbi Leipold

Morton — Kaitlyn Allmon



Abingdon — Ashley Brock

Aledo — Lynnsie Franklin

Alpha — Kourtnie Fox, Madison Miller

Altona — Breanna Elmore

Avon — Erin Gilfillan

Bushnell — Tashina Carter

Colona — Jessica Farnsworth

Davenport, Iowa — Kashe Robinson

Galesburg — Amanda Lamb, Lacy May, Brittany Wilborn, Tabitha Beaty, Shoshana Carges, Ameyo Dadabo, Sydney Donaldson, Kiva Mixon, Chris Saadalla

Geneseo — Kimberly Seible, Emily Touchet

Gilson — Kimberly Fitch

Knoxville — Pamela Godsil, Lauren Boone

Moline — Hannah Petty

Monmouth — Leah Cadet, Jessica Danes, Selina Godina

Morristown, Tenn. — Amie Toppert

New Windsor — Hilary Curtis

Oglesby — Caitlin Evans

Peoria — Kortney Giles, Lynne Jackson, Jessica Sheppard


Radiologic Technology

Abingdon — Camryn Creasy

Cameron — Alexandra Perry

Galesburg — Janet Alfano, Skylar Algren, Ashleigh Plue

Kewanee — Brooklyn Pickering

Knoxville — Daniel Dredge, Cortney Williams

Oneida — Stormy Johnson



Abingdon — Brock Abbott, Kaitlyn Asher, Bailey Dickerson, Mackenzie James, Ashley Jones, Madison McWhorter, Melaina McWhorter, Emma Poland, Jessie Roberts, Katelynn Zucco

Aledo — Alexandra Balmer

Altona — Taylor Morales

Ames, Iowa — Mirelle Carrasquel

Avon — Sydney Dray, Ty Tinkham

Browning — Jacob Reller

Burlington, Iowa — Jeron Conner

Burnside — Brooklyn Walker

Bushnell — Kena McCance

Cameron — William Ornduff

Chillicothe — Kayla Wolf

Dahinda — Aubrey Bronaugh

Donnellson, Iowa — Dharma Tripp

East Moline — Griffin Ronnebeck

East Peoria — Madisson Benson

Galesburg — Emily Bailey, Veronica Budde, Alycea Burnett, Hannah Cain, Michael Clark, Amber Esquivel, Tyler Ferris, Lucas Gomes, Meghan Harms, Nicholas Henry, Addisynn Hensley, Maggie Hickman, Logan Holland, Brianna Honeycutt, Justin Idle, Alyssa Ingles, Amos Kipkemoi, Kelton Locke, Mason Martinez, Paige McCleary, Kaylee Miller, Tolliver Reynolds, Alexandria Roden, Chelsea Stevenson, Carter Thompson, Riley Tuthill, Mayana Workheiser, Jazmin Zavala Vega

Galva — Cameron Guinnee

Goldsboro, N.C. — Janessa Bennett

Good Hope — Emma Coursey

Henderson — Kennedi Davis

Jacksonville, Ark. — Axel Garcia

Knoxville — Logan Kavanagh, Madelynn Pieper, Jacob Repp

Mapleton — Mackenzie Catton, Karsen White

Marshall — Megan Crome

Media — Isabella Escorcia

Monmouth — William Douglas, Jenna Frieden, Erin Glisan, Courtney Hinton, Jerzi Johnson, Isabella Kilgore, Noah Munoz, Abigail Sikorski, Karli Strom, Cullen Vickroy

Nauvoo — Reagan Eaves

Normal — Alex Smith

North Henderson — Meghan McCutcheon

North Little Rock, Ark. — Israel Guardado Gonzales

Oneida — Laurabeth Bosomworth

Pembroke, Ky. — Brittany Chapman

Peoria — Destiny Coleman, Alisander Hangen

Rio — Adam Johnson

Roseville — Lily Cundiff

Sterling — Averi Heintzelman

Warsaw — Amber Fritz

Williamsfield — Moriah Fleming, Emily Foster, Molly Warner

Woodhull — Elizabeth Junk

Yates City — Emily Cash

Cali, Colombia — Pedronel Herrera



Abingdon — Bailey Jamerson, Angelina Johnson, Marissa Matheny

Aledo — Alexandra Balmer

Carthage — McKenna Merritt

Dunlap — Emma Wolfe

Galesburg — Veronica Budde, Ashley Butler, Autumn Hughes, Justin Idle, Alyssa Ingles, Kelton Locke, Annika Spring, Ramona Whitson

Hamilton — Zoeie Todd

Knoxville — Virginia Olin-Clay, Michael Warren

Lincoln, Neb. — Carson Clayton

Monmouth — Erin Glisan, Margarita Meza, Jesus Oliver Tovar, Avery Winking

Oneida — Haley Gibson

Roseville — Kelly Dodd



Aledo — Stevie Engle

Altona — Ellynah Olson

Champaign — Maxwell Wallace

Dunlap — Emma Wolfe

Galesburg — Jose Agudelo Ramirez, Matheus Andrade, Arleta Brown, Felicia Dunn, Maggie Hickman, Hunter Magstadt

Lincoln, Neb. — Carson Clayton

Williamsfield — Gionna Ott




Wataga — Carrie Bewley



Hamilton — Grant Sullivan


American Welding Society - Level 1

Abingdon — Ethan Tucker

Galesburg — Lyle Hart, Logan Johnson, Logan Wallace

Knoxville — Brandon Benjamin

Monmouth — Ashton Anderson, Bryan Castro Medrano, Jorge Diaz, Sefaniya Faleafaga, Anthony Heather, Maddalynne Mosena, Emma Smith


Automotive Technology

Alexis — Avery Leffler

Biggsville — Noah Vanwinkle

Galesburg — Taylor Warden

Macomb — Brandon Wilcoxen

Roseville — Quinton McVey


Computer Numeric Control Operator

Galesburg — Malcolm Coon


Computer Support

Galesburg — James Cunningham

Monmouth — Alexis Clark


Computer Technician

Galesburg — James Cunningham, Timothy Greig, Ryan Simpson

Little York — Brandon Montooth

Monmouth — Nanette Kapesa


Criminal Justice

Knoxville — Carter Mason


Medical Office Assistant

New Windsor — Madison Kyser

Roseville — Hunter Porter


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