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Carthage, IL – 12/29/2022 – Memorial Hospital is expanding plans to be accepted within the
Aetna Network product offerings in 2023. Currently, the facility accepts traditional Aetna
coverages and plans to expand that list to include Aetna Medicare Advantage.
Information sent to State of Illinois retirees specifies that Aetna participants “will be able to use
any doctor, hospital, or specialist in or out of the Aetna Medicare Advantage network without
paying more for out-of-network services, as long as the provider has accepted the plan and has
not opted out or been excluded from Medicare.” For a complete list of insurance plans accepted,
please visit .



Memorial Hospital Foundation announced the launch of the Grow Our Own Scholarship program, in
May 2022. This scholarship fund will be available to Memorial Hospital, Medical Clinics, and
Hancock County Senior & Childcare staff to assist with their pursuit of continuing education or
completion of certifications beginning in 2024. This scholarship will serve as a recruitment and
retention tool to maintain a 5-star healthcare resource in Hancock County. “If you had to pick a
theme word in Hancock County, the word “grow” would seem fitting,” says Greta Wetzel, Executive
Director of Memorial Hospital Foundation. “That’s just what Memorial Hospital Foundation has
done since 2020. In addition to the Together We Grow Endowment, we want to help “Grow Our
Own” healthcare team,” adds Wetzel.
Memorial Hospital Foundation board member Terry Pope was a driving force behind launching the
scholarship campaign. “Giving to the Memorial Hospital Foundation scholarship fund for current
and aspiring health professionals is a great way to support and enhance our community’s
wonderful healthcare system. By investing in their education costs, we help area residents achieve
their goals and provide an incentive for them to stay here and work in our community. Think of it
this way: Greatness Requires Our Willingness – GROW! Your willingness to support this scholarship
program will help us Grow Our Own and keep a great healthcare system in Hancock County,” says
Recognizing that continuing education can present challenges, especially financial burdens, the
foundation felt the Grow Our Own campaign was fitting for 2022-2023. The recent addition of the
Health & Wellness Center on the campus of Memorial Hospital provided the perfect launch for the
campaign by offering naming opportunities for the office suites, health and wellness teaching
kitchen, and conference rooms. The community and all staff were challenged to participate in
In a massive show of support, over $20,000 was raised by staff across all entities which include
Memorial Hospital, Memorial Medical Clinics, and Hancock County Senior & Childcare Services.
These contributions, along with funds from two anonymous donors, were part of the naming
opportunity for the conference rooms which are now named in honor of staff and Ada Bair, CEO.
The Health & Wellness Sleep Center is named in honor of “MORE Medical” Ryan Jacquot, MORE
Medical owner/operator says, “sleep apnea doesn’t discriminate. It knows no race, age or sex and
complicates millions of American’s sleep quality nightly. With millions of American’s diagnosed
with sleep apnea every year, MORE Medical’s CPAP business has grown every year since it began in
2009 and we are not looking back. The future of sleep apnea will be getting patients diagnosed and
treated as fast as possible. When COVID shut down sleep labs all across America, it created a back
log of patients and long waiting times, sometimes months, to get in to have a sleep study done.
When I was asked to donate to Memorial Hospital’s Sleep Center, it was a no brainer for us at MORE
Medical. It is such an honor to have the sleep center named in honor of MORE Medical.”

According to the Illinois Health and Hospital Association, in 2020, Memorial Hospital’s economic
and job impact in Hancock County was $62.8 million. This is money infused into the state’s
economy. All organizations under the Memorial Hospital Association support over 460 jobs. When
there is a large economic impact in the region, it is vital to retain healthcare workers. In the current
economy, the cost of education presents a challenge for those wishing to return to school. Making a
donation to the Grow Our own Scholarship Program can make a dream a reality.
Elaine Ferguson, Memorial Hospital Foundation Board President, supports the scholarship program
for personal reasons. Ferguson states, “I never dreamed I would be able to get an education beyond
high school. My high school counselor, Mr. Armstrong, encouraged me to dream! He spent hours
helping me apply for scholarships, grants, and the work-study program. My dream to become a
teacher of 34 years was realized because of his mentorship. I will make a donation to the Grow Our
Own Scholarship Program because I believe in giving back. Someone helped me. Now it is time for
me to help someone else.”
As the Memorial Hospital Foundation approaches the end of the year, there are still plenty of giving
opportunities for the Grow Our Own Scholarship program. The recent Lights of Joy parade was also
a fundraiser for the scholarship program. Memorial Hospital Foundation is excited to announce the
return of the gala in 2023. The “Here’s to the Future” gala will be Friday, March 31, 2023, at Smokin’
Gun Hunting Lodge & Event Center in Hamilton, Illinois. You may reserve tickets by calling the
foundation office at 217 – 357 – 8567.
Memorial Hospital Foundation is proud to state that 100% of funds raised are utilized for the
endowment, scholarship program, or as directed by a memorial. Your donation can truly make a
difference and have an impact on the healthcare services available to the residents of our region.
For more information about the Memorial Hospital Foundation, contact Executive Director Greta
Wetzel at or call 217-357-8502 (work) or 309-221-7286 (cell), or
Administrative Assistant for Marketing and the Memorial Hospital Foundation Terri Twaddle at or call 217-357-8567.



Carthage, IL – 12/27/2022 – Deakon Charles Holtsclaw, son of Jesse and Darcy Holtsclaw, was
the last baby born at Memorial Hospital’s Stork Stopp on November 29, 2022, at 1:00 PM.
Deakon weighed eight pounds, eleven ounces and measured twenty and a half inches long. Jesse
and Darcy chose Memorial Hospital because of the convenience of being close to home and their
great experience with Dr. Jones and the rest of the OB team with their firstborn. Decklyn, who is
almost three years old, is now a big sister to Deakon. Jesse and Darcy agreed that the OB staff
was like a family to them, and the whole prenatal and post-partum experience was very smooth
with both children.
Before being discharged, the staff at Memorial Hospital presented the family with a basket full of
gifts donated by Memorial Hospital and Memorial Medical Clinics staff. The basket included all
kinds of items for the baby and the family.
Birthing services are now being transitioned to Blessing Hospital unless a patient chooses to
deliver elsewhere. Dr. Jones will continue taking obstetric patients; additionally, he is
credentialed and has privileges at Blessing Hospital to deliver in their labor and delivery unit. Dr.
Jones will continue providing all the services he has always provided in the clinic, including
prenatal, post-partum, and women’s health. In addition, Dr. Senthe will continue to offer
comprehensive pediatric services.


Weather Closings


Bowling Green SchoolsClosedther.

Carl Sandburg College-Carthage




Memorial Medical Clinic in Colchester will close at 3pm. Memorial Medical Clinic in Carthage on the hospital campus will close at 4pm. There will be NO walk in clinic services this evening. For urgent needs please go to the emergency room at Memorial Hospital.


Sandburg UBMS Program Gets New 5-Year, $1.5M Grant Cycle

Sandburg UBMS Program Gets New 5-Year, $1.5M Grant Cycle


GALESBURG — Carl Sandburg College’s TRIO Upward Bound Math-Science program has been awarded a new five-year grant cycle worth nearly $1.5 million from the U.S. Department of Education to serve area high school students working to become first-generation college graduates.


Under the grant, Sandburg’s UBMS program will receive $297,601 each year through 2027. UBMS is a federally funded program that is free to participants and provides students with opportunities to pursue activities in areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). It provides academic and supportive services to promote the academic success, retention, high school graduation, college enrollment and college graduation of participants.


Sandburg’s UBMS program serves 60 area high school students from the Abingdon-Avon, Galesburg, Knoxville and Monmouth-Roseville school districts each year. Participants must be a first-generation (neither parent with whom they live has a bachelor’s degree), college-bound student and/or meet income or academic guidelines. This is the second grant cycle for Sandburg’s UBMS program, which has been offered since 2017.


“We’re thrilled to have been awarded another grant cycle so that UBMS can continue to serve students and change the lives of young people in our area,” Sandburg UBMS director Stephen Descalzo said. “Students in our community face many challenges. Our program serves as a great way to build relationships, explore career opportunities and prepare them for life as a college student and beyond. We’re excited to be able to continue to help students succeed.”


In the most recent data set from the 2020-21 academic year, Sandburg’s UBMS program retained and graduated 99 percent of its participants, and 100 percent of participants graduated from high school with a college prep curriculum.


For more information about Sandburg’s Upward Bound Math-Science program, contact Descalzo at 309.341.5272 or

After Fracturing Ankle, Sandburg Women's Basketball Sophomore Addison Eger Aims for 'Sense of Closure' on Court

After Fracturing Ankle, Sandburg Women’s Basketball Sophomore Addison Eger Aims for ‘Sense of Closure’ on Court


stead, the third-year Carl Sandburg College women’s basketball player suffered what might have been a career-ending injury.


As the Chargers played at Bryant & Stratton on Nov. 12, Eger had put up 19 points in the first half. The 5-foot-9 guard thought she might threaten her career-high of 42 points in a game.


“I was feeling it,” said Eger, a two-time All-Region IV selection and an All-Arrowhead Conference pick last season. “I just was feeling like this is going to be my game.”


That changed on the first play of the second half. After a turnover, Eger ran back on defense and stepped in to try to take a charge. As she and the Bryant & Stratton player made contact on the ground, Eger’s foot was straight up in the air.


“When she fell on top of me, she basically sat on my ankle and crushed it and it went sideways,” said Eger, a graduate of Mendon Unity High School.


Eger left the game but didn’t think it was a serious injury. She had sprained her ankle the previous season and thought it was a similar injury to that. But after a week of still not being able to walk, she got X-rays and learned she had broken her ankle. Doctors told Eger surgery would give her the best chance of having a quick recovery and possibly returning this season. They put in two screws, and she had 10 stitches from the procedure.


First-year Chargers coach Kellen Fernetti said losing a player with Eger’s talent and experience for an extended time is a huge blow.


“She’s a 30-plus-minute player who guarded and competed on defense, and then offensively she was going to be a go-to player for us,” Fernetti said.


Being out of the lineup has taken some time for Eger to adjust to. On the day of her surgery, the Chargers played a game. Eger woke up from a nap and asked her dad what the score was. A few days later as she was home recuperating, she tried watching a Chargers game online but had a hard time knowing she wasn’t in control of what was happening on the court.


Luckily, she has someone close to her who had been through a similar situation and could relate. Eger’s stepmother Lori played professional basketball in Switzerland, Poland and Germany before being injured in a car accident that forced her to retire from the game she loved.


“She totally understands,” Eger said, “and having that person to connect to, especially being my mom, she knows more than anybody about how I feel because she sees how it was stripped away from her career just like how mine obviously could be.” 


The next step in Eger’s recovery will be mid-January when she can begin putting weight back on her foot. If all goes well, there’s a chance she could return to the Chargers by the end of the season.


“We'd be ecstatic. We would love to have her back,” Fernetti said. “If she'd be able to come back and even contribute a little bit, just being in uniform again would be outstanding.”


This likely is Eger’s last season playing basketball, as she is set to graduate from Sandburg’s dental hygiene program this spring and start her career as a hygienist after that — “adult things,” she said. Being able to go out on her own terms instead of hobbling off with an injury would mean a lot to her.


“I really want to push to even play a couple minutes and be like, this is my last goodbye to what my life has been for the past several years,” Eger said. “Since I was little, I've always had a basketball in my hand, and I just feel like I would have that sense of closure.” 


Carthage, IL – 12/1/2022 – Memorial Hospital in Carthage, Illinois, will discontinue its labor and
delivery birthing services on Thursday, December 1, 2022.
After December 1, birthing services will be transitioned to Blessing Hospital unless the patient chooses to
deliver elsewhere. Dr. Jones will continue taking obstetric patients; additionally, he is credentialed and
has privileges at Blessing Hospital to deliver in their labor and delivery unit.
Dr. Jones will continue providing all the services he has always provided in the clinic, including prenatal,
post-partum, and women’s health. In addition, Dr. Senthe will continue to offer comprehensive pediatric
Memorial Hospital is dedicated to providing outstanding care, as evidenced by being awarded five stars in
patient satisfaction from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) again for the third year.
Memorial Hospital provides a broad scope of services, including but not limited to women’s health,
pediatrics, family practice, internal medicine, surgical services, nutrition counseling, pelvic floor physical
therapy, orthopedics, fitness coaching, wellness, diabetic services, dermatology, and behavioral health.

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