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Two-Year Anniversary of Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Congressman Eric Sorensen (IL-17) celebrated the second anniversary of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law being signed into law and highlighted the law’s impact on transforming Illinois roads, improving water quality, expanding access to broadband, and more. 


The law is making critical investments that will directly improve the lives of Illinoisans and position our region for success, including: 


  • Roads and Bridges: In Illinois, there are 2,423 bridges and over 6,137 miles of highway in poor condition. Illinois is expected to receive approximately $11.3 billion over five years to address failing highways and bridges. 
    • Announced funding: To date, Illinois has received $5.9 billion in highway formula funding and $891.8 million in dedicated formula funding for bridges. 
    • For the 17th Congressional District, this includes funding for 90 new projects for FY2023 and 114 new projects in FY2022. 


  • Water: Illinois’ 17th Congressional District has some of the highest percentages of lead pipes of any district in the country. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes the first-ever dedicated federal funding to replace lead service lines and address dangerous PFAS chemicals. 
    • Announced funding to date: To date, $751 million has been announced to Illinois to provide clean and safe water across the state and improve water infrastructure, including $337.1 million directly dedicated to lead pipe and service line replacement. 
    • In April, Sorensen joined EPA Administrator Michael Regan to see firsthand the Rockford neighborhoods where lead service lines are being removed thanks to this law. 


  • Internet: Many homes and small businesses, especially those in our rural communities, still lack access to high-speed internet.  
    • Announced funding to date: Illinois has received $1 billion through the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment Program (BEAD) to provide access to high-speed internet to Illinoisans. 
    • As of October, 54,099 households the 17th District were connected thanks to the Affordable Connectivity Program, which helps cover internet plans for families. 


  • Clean Energy and Resilience: In the last decade, Illinois has experienced 48 extreme weather events, costing the state up to $16 billion in damages. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law makes a historic investment to bolster resilience against pressing challenges like impacts of climate change and extreme weather events. 
    • Announced funding to date: Approximately $1.4 billion has been allocated to Illinois for infrastructure resilience, including $92.9 million through the Army Corps of Engineers for flood mitigation. 


  • Ports and Waterways: Our ports and waterways connect Illinois farmers to markets around the world. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law invests $17 billion in port infrastructure to strengthen supply chains, getting agriculture goods to market faster and supporting our regional economy. 
    • Announced funding: To date, Illinois has received roughly $281.7 million to improve its ports and waterways and support rural communities. 


  • Airports: Illinois airports are in desperate need of repair and reimagination. 
    • Announced funding: To date, Illinois has received approximately $329.8 million to modernize its airports and better connect the region to more business and opportunity. 


  • Public Transit: Illinois is expected to receive approximately $4.5 billion over five years under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to improve public transit in the state. 
    • Announced funding to date: To date, Illinois has been allocated $1.7 billion to improve its public transportation.  


  • Electric Vehicle Charging: Through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program alone, Illinois should expect to receive roughly $149 million in formula funding over five years to support the expansion of electric vehicle charging in the state. 
    • Announced funding: To date, Illinois has been allocated $85.3 million to build out a network of EV chargers across the state. 


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