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The Globetrotters Famous team gives 'wonderful exhibition' in 1935 Augusta

he Globetrotters Famous team gives 'wonderful exhibition' in 1935 Augusta     One of the world's most recognized basketball teams brought its amazing skills and fun-loving antics to Augusta during one of the worst periods in local and national history.   The Harlem Globetrotters played an exhibition game against the Augusta Trojans at 8 p.m. on Feb. 15, 1935.   America had turned the corner from the darkest days of the Great Depression, but was still reeling from its most prolonged economic downturn.   Augusta needed a break from the despair, even if it was for only one night. The Globetrotters certainly obliged.   The Augusta Eagle newspaper gave the Globetrotters' lineup as Dan Dennis, Harold "Killer" Johnson, Rabbit Buckner, Bruiser Bolton and Rab McDonald. The newspaper only listed the last names of the Augusta team — Lansdown, Stienbarger, Elder, Lucie, Crear, Waymack and Aleshire.   The game was played at Augusta Community High School. The Eagle did not list a final score, but the contest apparently was close until the end, even if t he outcome did not favor the Trojans.   "It was evident that the Globe Trotters could pick points when they desired" and were "entirely too much for the local lads," The Eagle said.   The Globetrotters, who would become the sport's biggest international ambassadors while racking up more than 120,000games and welcoming women players, "gave a wonderful exhibition of skill in handling the ball and also were fine entertainers," the newspaper concluded. You can find the complete story in historian Brent Engel's book "A Few Augusta Stories." 

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